Computer Science A mark in the cement along that line revealed traces of lead and antimony, suggesting that the round had lost its copper jacket which can happen when striking a tree branch]. Obviously, being involved in the murky dirty world of Texan politics was a dangerous occupation if you crossed the wrong people ! Besides, a Derringer cannot blow the back of someones head off. In a previous post, I reported that LBJ, knowing in advance what was to happen on Elm Street, was actually ducking during the assassination of JFK. Unlike Zapruder, none were given the opportunity to accompany their film to a lab, authorize copies and eventually negotiate a selling price with major media. It is hard to imagine a pyjama person coming away from attentive listening to this interview without an awakening.. For your convenience, here are links to frames that appear before, during, and after Jackie gets to the farthest place on the trunk. an unusual technique. Brugioni also stated that the head explosion he viewed was a largewhite cloudthat surrounded President Kennedys head and was not pink or red, as shown in the extant Zapruder film. known only to scores of people in the early 2000s A startling revelation in 2011the "head explosion" seen in the extant Zapruder film, in the National Archives today, is not at all consistent with the head explosion seen by Mr. Brugioni in the Zapruder film he viewed on the evening of November 23, 1963: During the follow-up interview at Dino Brugioni's home on April 28, 2011, Peter Janney showed Mr. Brugioni a good image of frame 313 . Amateur films by Abraham Zapruder and Orville Nix do not agree with each other in at least one obvious way. The lurching forward of the limo passengers. Frame by Frame breakdown of the Zapruder Film With some various theories that have been presented. Shortly before he passed away in 2010, The 161.2 grain slug, travelling at 2,100 feet per second smacks into the right occipital area of Kennedys head, shattering the occipital bone and generating tremendous force in the flesh of the brain. In the Nix film, Jackie goes noticeably further out on the trunk. And in real life, as demonstrated by the chart from the Military Armament Corporation, there are also manifold opportunities for fabrication and distortion. and not like they ever taught too much anyway, right. Kennedy stops waving. I have isolated frames 312 and 313 of the Zapruder film which are. NEW YORK . Zapruder had an involuntary gunshot startle causing a camera acceleration and film blur at this time around z158. Frame 133 is the first. Are they simply able to switch on the cameras in their phones faster than the rest of us? all 486 frames of the extant Zapruder film. The Nix film shows far less detail because it was taken at a distance. ): Incredibly, in 2021, nearly 58 years after the assassination, Hill said he saw JFKs head come apart after he reached the car. President Kennedy does not enter the stage for the first third of the picture, and it is there were we encounter a serious problem. (from Frame-by-frame video analysis shows shocking new evidence in enhanced footage! Researchers have come to the general consensus that the Zapruder film ran at approximately 18.3 seconds per frame, this means that McLain would be in position M at what could be called Zapruder frame 71 or 58 (It should be noted that there was a stop in the Zapruder film at frame 132, so frame 71 and 58 referred to here our not actually frame while it was in Dealey Plaza and motored up to the lead car. by destroying the impact of his seminal and historic 1966 book, Connally shows no obvious effects. His head lurches back to the left (8.0-8.4 seconds after the first shot) as his body stiffens suddenly from the massive neurological damage, and possibly aggravated by his back brace, or, if you wish, studies have also shown that the head flying back and to the left is also possible because of the matter ejected by the right side of his head exploding in a simple Newtonian happening. Jacob Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby) Zionist Jew Gangster with connections to the Jewish Chicago Outfit Mafia, gun running, and who silenced his former acquaintance the Patsy Oswald. He was also a member of several influential Dallas County political bodies. (YouTubeversion), Frames Z-274 to Z-357: Fixed camera pointing at Mary Moorman Before looking at stills from these rather fuzzy films, you may want to see a good clear picture of the trunk, and the reference points that help nail down Jackies location on the trunk at various times: the seatback, the handholds, and the word on the side of the limousine (Continental). Other anomalies were that the blood spray cloud in the original was also missing and that there was other parts of the film he remembers that seem to have been altered/vanished. I have isolated frames 312 and 313 of the Zapruder film which are the frames that capture the instant that the bullet strikes President Kennedys head. Rosemary Willis should be interviewed, shown her actions in the Zapruder film and asked to explain why she turned her head quickly to her right in the first second of the Zapruder film and why she made her other movements visible in the Zapruder film. Mr. Carvelho's frames offer nothing usable for commenting on. live weekly radio show, Still from JFK (Oliver Stone 1991) 145 Figure 52. Hunt, & Demitri Von Mohrenschildt (George Ds brother). Last Second in Dallas, The startle pattern is generally subtle in the extent of its motion. Abraham Zapruder [Frame 314 of 8mm home movie of assassination of John F. Kennedy, Dallas] Copyright Zapruder Film 1967 (Renewed 1995) The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Credit line The LIFE Magazine Collection, 2005 Feedback Accession No. The camera acceleration at z157/158 appears to be an artifact of voluntary camera motions associated with typical panning/non-panning transitions on objects that are hard to track or have not yet picked up much angular velocity relative to the photographer. Jedburgh Team Bugatti (codename Konsul) His heirs were given $16 million in just compensation for the taking of the film by the U.S. government. The right rear portion of his head was missing. Photo credit: Ike Altgens / AP / Wikimedia. He also worked for Murchisons Three States Oil & Gas Co. Jackie Kennedy grew up calling George DeMohrenschildt, Uncle George as her mother Janet Auchincloss nearly married him after she had dated him during her divorce from Jackies father, Black Jack Bouvier. on the day of the assassination in a TV interview, All 486 frames Homer McMahon vividly remembered that the customer at NPIC that night was asingle Secret Service agent named Bill Smith. Yes Agent Smith, you cant make this stuff up. Thompsons original 2001 idea was based on a misunderstanding If Jews are only 1 in 40,000 of the earths population, then one would expect Jews to have perhaps one copyright in 40,000 if these were random events. The gif stops momentarily at Z155 : Image expert Dennis Cimino has come up with this study, where he has zoomed into the Altgens6 photograph, which shows definite obliteration of the heads of the SS agents in the follow up car: Both events cannot be coincidental. Arlen Spectre Zionist Jew Senator that helped Israel steal uranium from American plants for nukes (which JFK tried to stop) and came up with the bogus Single Bullet Theory for the Warren Commission cover-up. this history of UnBlur, What George Bush has selective Altzheimers regarding his where abouts of 11-22-1963. Nix was an air conditioning engineer who apparently left school after the fourth grade. (To see some astounding examples concerning the medical evidence, please go here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.). Frame 313. It can be found in an article by attorney and JFK researcher Carol Hewett that is just stunning, rich in insight and very hard-to-get information. Johnson interpreted this as a blackmail threat (Josefa had told Kinser about some of her brothers corrupt activities). unanimously testified that motorcycle cop James Chaney [Numerous Ear-witnesses recall the first shot being about this point, when the car has just turned the corner onto Elm Street]. They are too blurred and out of focus. Mantik bolsters his argument with his anatomical analysis of the Harper fragment, demonstrating that the bone fragment found on Elm Street was from the mid-occipital region, squarely in the back of JFK's head, blown out of the back of JFK's skull by an oblique shot from the right front. > ], Kennedys arm jerks off the car, clearly reacting to the throat shot [This is a clear case of Thorburns Position, as his body reacts to the spinal damage caused by the hydrostatic shock of the bullet passing so close to the spine in 223-4. In the first operation, the NPIC work crew (Brugionis) made briefing boards, using enlargements of individual frames from thetrue camera and original Zapruder film. Roman was the CIA agent who the record shows was charged with monitoring the movements of one, Lee Harvey Oswald, for the two months preceding the assassination. But for young people who werent there, there is more of a haze of just history one damn thing after another as the famous saying goes. But even so, it would still have to be a magic bullet because of the impossible different directions it would still have to travel i.e. It also appears to show the crack in the windshield left by bullet fragments (see 337) ]. What a coincidence. The correct year was 1959, [the same year that his partner in design Jeanne LeGon became known as, Jean LeGon DeMohrenschildt She had married Lee Oswalds BEST FRIEND (to be), CIA Contract Agent, George DeMohrenschildt!]. -Appeals to authority like any alphabet agency, or that bastion of integrity: the Warren Commission, etc.. -Condescending derision in tone, manner, and attitude towards you from the minute the clip starts playing. Removal of too many frames on that film would be noticeable. Detailed analysis of film frames matched by the newly validated acoustic evidence show a second shot struck the president's head from behind less than a second later. To really know what happened in Dallas, Texas, 22 Nov. 1963, you need the help of some former MAGICIANS (CIA, FBI, SECRET SERVICE etc). He made several interesting statements regarding the film. As you will see from what follows, this is a crucial question. The stories I find the most convincing are those involving a reference point associated with the sound of the shot, as shown in the case of Clint Hill. On Thursday, March 24, 2011, I happened to be in Vancouver, British Columbia. The picture below a still from the Nix film shows Abraham Zapruder directly across from Nix, standing on an abutment. John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas by three separate shooters, as revealed in shocking new images from November 22, 1963. Lyndon Baines Johnsons personal secretary, Marie Fehmer, who flew back to Washington on Air Force One with LBJ on 11-22-1963, just happens to be the daughter of Olga Fehmer, currently living in Tyler, Texas. In this essay, Cranor asks readers to consider whether there is a significant discrepancy between the Nix and Zapruder films of the assassination, and if this indicates tampering. It establishes the pattern of altering, obfuscating and deep sixing the actual events of the conspiracy. The film Zapruder shot 50 years ago next month, on November 22, 1963, of President Kennedy in Dallas. At the time, YouTube only allowed videos up to ten minutes in length, which For the impatient, the money quote and conclusion is:The film brought to NPIC from Hawkeyeworks by Bill Smith was created there, but it was not just developed it was are-creationof the Zapruder film after its alteration at that facility, intended to masquerade as an original out-of-camera, unslit (16 mm wide), double 8 film.., The War on Islam: 9/11 Revisited, Uncovered & Exposed, The Hidden World of Benjamin Disraeli, a Made Man and Opportunist, William Mellon Hitchcock: Bon Vivant Who Helped Bankroll the LSD Counterculture, The Foundations Fund the Hack Abraham Flexner to Standardize Medicine, Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Reveal the True Hidden History of the Dreyfus Affair, Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Skewer the Architects Of Dystopia, Monthly Sane Asylum with Focus on the Nature of Black on White Threat, Podcast: Tim Kelly, Russ Winter Examine the Widely Ignored Assassinations of McKinley, Patton and Forrestal, Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Expose the Neo-con Progenitors, Monthly Sane Asylum with Focus on the Off the Charts FTX Grift. In page 10 of MARYS MOSAIC, Jenny relates a conversation with his father concerning Horace (Hod) Fuller, a former World War II Marine. Mr. Brugioni was quite startled to find out that this was theonly framegraphically depicting the head explosion in the extant film, which the National Archives has characterized as the original film.He insisted that the head explosion he viewed multiple times on Nov. 23, 1963, was of such a great size and duration (in terms of time) that there should bemany more frames depicting that explosionthan just the one frame (frame 313), as shown in the Zapruder film today. Still from The Shooting 151 Zapruder Film Enhanced - One Frame Per Second Mobilecheese 7.54K subscribers Subscribe Like Save 86K views 11 years ago Notice Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines) Comments are. As they say so commonly today, "Ya think ?!" Conally becomes rigid, and changed his expression [The House Select Committee suggests that this is the point at which Connally was hit based on his facial features and body position. It shows the moment when the bullet hit the President and exploded his head. Yep, its hard to imagine them not experiencing that transcendental Catharsis, Edger J Hoover Abraham Zapruder Earl Warren = 33rd Degree Freemasons and Shriners. In the podcast linked below, Horne clearly explains in some detail whats (now) known about the provenance/chain of custody for the Zapruder Film, including whether/where it was altered: MWN Episode 107 Douglas Horne on the Zapruder Film Alteration Debate. The six fragments removed from Connally would have weighed not more than 1.5 grains all together. His analogy, standing against something metal strongly suggests he was in contact with the car when JFK was shot in the head. View gallery 3. My work on the JFK assassination has been personal research, and I have Russ Winter Frame 312 Homer McMahon did not independently recall Captain Sands; but when informed of Hunters recollection, McMahon did subsequently remember the presence of a Navy captain, who had met the customer and granted him access to NPIC. Marshalls wife (Sybil Marshall) and brother (Robert Marshall) refused to believe he had committed suicide and posted a $2,000 reward for information leading to a murder conviction. Editor Note: This post should be studied in tandem with our post yesterday about the missing Oswald fingerprint evidence. It is hard to imagine a pyjama person coming away from attentive listening to this interview without an awakening. "Y ou're the one that makes the beautiful movies.". it is now available on Amazon Kindle. Note that the fourth and last part of Jim Fetzers presentation has been The Zapruder film is considered to be the most complete recording of JFK's assassination. For example, he said the bullet entered the back of the head [gestures to area low in the back of the head] and came out the front, causing a piece of bone to flip out, although it adhered to the scalp. His death was ruled a suicide. I cant imagine how you could not envision the typical reaction: -All manner of ad hominem attacks and insults (autocorrect wants that to read Eminem), -Factually incorrect and canned responses and the usual non-sequitors. The Zapruder Film [ edit] Wrone's 2003 book, The Zapruder Film: Reframing JFK's Assassination, provides a frame-by-frame analysis of Abraham Zapruder 's 26-second film of Kennedy's assassination and various aspects of the film's history. (This has implications for jiggle analysis the correlation of a shot with film blur caused by a photographers startle reflex. The William Hartmann study on camera shake based on blur amount within a frame, The Frank Scott study on panning error from frame to frame, The Luis Alvarez study on camera shake based on blur changes/acceleration from frame to frame.